When a hotel, restaurant or a food joint is being opened there are a number of tests has to be conducted to get the license. One of the important test that is conducted is the water testing. When a food joint is being opened, it becomes their responsibility that none of the customers get unhealthy with the food. Water is an important constituent in food and hence it is very much important that water should be tested before starting the business. It has been standardized that the water testing should be carried out from a laboratory accredited of NABL and FSSAI. After showing the reports from such laboratories only any food joint can be offered a license for running the business.

We proudly claim that our laboratories are well recognized by NABL and FSSAI and we have the authority to conduct water testing processes for food joints. By now we have worked with a number of restaurants, hotels and other food joints. Our experts have conducted the water testing methods in both branded and non branded as well as national and international organizations for food and hospitality.