We provide services to the medical devices industries-Physio Chemical tests, Microbiology testing as well as ETO residuals testing. Today there are a number of equipment and devices that have come up that can help in diagnosing various diseases. Though these equipment do not have any kind of chemicals in it, but still they are brought in touch with the human body for diagnosis process. Hence, it is important that the- devices are safe for the patients.

We, along with our 30 skilled professionals at our two NABL accredited laboratories perform tests of these devices. Some of the testing methods that we perform in this regard are Sterility testing, Stability testing, bacterial endotoxin, presence of organic residues, toxicity studies and many others.

Along with these device test methods we also provide other deice analysis services. We have a team of experts who can meet various complex challenges in order to offer you the required services.

Physicochemical Testing

physicochemical Testing is an integral part of Medical Device Testing.

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ETO Residual Testing

Ethylene Oxide (EtO) is known to exhibit a number of biological effects which include irritation, organ damage,
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Microbiological Testing

To avoid microbial growth in the product, microbiological testing like BET, sterility, Bioburden test are required essentially.
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