We provides services to the top most pharma companies of India (Bulk Drugs & Formulations). Two of the main reasons to this are, deriving true results to their finished articles and also showcasing the superior quality of their products to their consumers. Here is where we come in. We have been come to be recognized as one of the leading and most accurate Pharmaceutical Testing Company in the nation. This is mainly due to our precise results and efficiently executed tests. Our company is registered with the FDA and has been officially inspected before being handed over with the DEA License. The license allows us to handle, test and store all kinds of different controlled substances. As a leading company in the Pharmaceutical Testing industry, we invest all our consideration and efforts into following every rule and regulation placed by the GLP and GMP.

Chemical Testing

In chemistry, a chemical test is a qualitative or quantitative procedure designed to identify, quantify, or characterise a chemical compound or chemical group.
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Microbiology Testing

Microbiology testing services are a crucial requirement across many industries worldwide where products, processes and human health are at risk..

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